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City of West Hollywood


The Data Analytics initiative enables city hall to make better, more timely decisions using data to improve city services.

Implementation Actions

  1. Assess internal capacity for data analytics through a skills assessment survey.
  2. Identify department-level data champions and convene a monthly citywide data working group, supported by a data intern.
  3. Hire a citywide data analytics lead.
  4. Launch a data training program, possibly through an external partnership (e.g. local university or technology training platform).
  5. Focus training activities on working through practical solutions to be with departments for more “quick wins.”
  6. Update training policies to include training for data analytics and visualization.
  7. Establish a bench of on-call analytics consultants
  8. Develop data sharing standards for procurement processes to support a data-driven City Hall.

Strategic Plan Page 25

2018 WeHo Smart City Strategic Plan

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