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City of West Hollywood


The Data Sharing initiative creates partnerships with mobile apps and other tech companies to make it easier to get around WeHo.

Implementation Actions

  1. Adopt a standard data sharing agreement and updated terms and conditions to enable potential no-cost partnerships.
  2. Identify critical data and launch APIs as appropriate to expedite data sharing.
  3. Consider how the proposed Transportation Management Organization (TMO) as part of the updated City’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) ordinance can help test the effectiveness of this sharing approach.
  4. Explore the Google Waze Connected Community Program (CCP) opportunity and designate a representative (perhaps from the data working group) to participate.
  5. Identify the resources to support data-sharing for big events, road construction, and other service disruptions.

Strategic Plan Page 33

2018 WeHo Smart City Strategic Plan

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